Mini Bar Treats by Snackserve

Mini Bars

At Snackserve, we supply hotels across Ireland with premium products for mini bars. Thanks to our commitment to providing high quality, tasty treats and our first-class customer service, we are proud to be the leading snack supplier for the hospitality industry.

Hotel mini bars are far more than just an economic opportunity. The products in your mini bar let your guests know who you are as a hotel, reinforces your branding, and improves the customer experience. At Snackserve, we have an extensive array of snacks and treats to complete your mini bar. Our delicious treats include premium chocolate bars source from Holland, custom made sweet jars, and bespoke nut mixes as well as more standard items like packets of nuts, biscuits, cakes, and other tasty snacks.

We know that many of our clients like to create a unique guest experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Our custom nut mixes and custom sweet jars are ideal for this. Our custom snacks are 100% unique and made bespoke for your hotel. We also source products, so if we do not have the mini bar products that you are looking for then we will find it for you.

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Mini Bar FAQs

  • What areas of the country do you work in?

    Snackserve's office and products warehouse is located in Co. Kildare. The majority of our clients are located in Dublin, Meath & Kildare, however, we work with hotels right across the country.

  • How can I buy products for my mini bars?

    You can purchase an assortment of our products online with free nationwide delivery available. To arrange a consultation where we will visit you in person to take you through our full range of products and pricing structure you can contact us directly.

  • How can I get a custom mini bar products?

    All custom mini bar products are made to be unique and one of a kind. All custom products are made with a variety of snacks and complementary flavours. To start making your very own custom mini bar products contact our team directly.